An exciting genetic experiment!

Check out our latest investment. We purchased this donor cow at last week’s PA Convention sale. Hazels Sid Harmony (EX-91) Sid x Quality-Ridge Stormi Hazel (EX-96 2E) Harmony’s milk records: 2-00 305d 20,300 4.0 810 3.3 666 3-09 305d 27,650 4.7 1294 3.4 Where does the “experiment” part come in? For years we have discussed…
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Old Genetics?

According to the geneticists, a bull who’s sire, paternal grand-sire, and maternal grand-sire are all 20-30 years old should never produce off-spring that can compete on a modern level in confirmation and production. Bulls like 91HO5770 Jonah prove otherwise. At Triple-Hil Sires, we don’t put much stock in escalating numbers or the age of genetics…
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Today is Proof Day!

Today is proof day . . . Surprise! Triple-Hil Sires does not have any chart toppers in the GTPI, TPI, or type list, or any other such index for that matter. That is ok. We did not expect to. Neither have we ever selected for genetics based on any of these indexes with the goal…
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1,2,3,4,5,6…. We have every number covered.

aAa is arguably the single most effective breeding tool in the dairy industry today. The results of this “round vs sharp” mating strategy in herds all over the world is evident to any unbiased observer But what is the reason for the extreme imbalance of traits that we see in today’s sire population? The 3…
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What About Genomics?

We invariably get some form of this question. Our response is respectful yet definitive. First of all, we do not rashly proclaim that the study of the function, and inheritance of the genome (definition of genomics) is worthless. It has its place. The problem with genomics in the Holstein industry today is this: The one…
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Our Take on Modern Bull Proofs

As you may be aware, our catalogs are devoid of the normal linear bar graphs and standardized proof information that you find in many other sire catalogs. If you are interested in seeing the official “proofs” on our proven sires, we can get that information to you. But we have decided to not print much…
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Welcome to our new website!

Hey, we finally got a website set up!