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Welcome to Triple-Hil Sires

Triple-Hil Sires is a unique, small-scale, family-operated bull stud inspired by our interest in cattle-breeding and moved to action by the increasingly loud voice among breeders all over this country who are weary of the ever-changing index system and alarmed at the head-long pace of the genomic rush.

The number one principle at Triple-Hil Sires is aAa®. We believe that this system of animal analysis, created and developed by W. A. Weeks, embodies the true principles of bovine structure and functionality. Using aAa analysis results in common-sense matings that are aimed at matching a cow’s weak points with a bull’s strong points.

Our young sires are selected from deep-pedigreed, high-scoring cow families and are a result of at least one generation of aAa mating. Why? Because we strongly believe that the mating that produces a great bull is identical to the mating that produces a great cow.

Hence comes to life the Triple-Hil Slogan: The bulls that were bred to be cows. Like this slogan suggests, our bulls are selected from breeders who have bred great cows in the past and continue to do it today. Many of these herds have little major-stud interest because they pay no attention to the “numbers-game”. They simply strive to breed a herd of well-balanced, functional, high-producing cattle.

At Triple-Hil Sires, we believe that a safe and proven route in this business is to select our bulls from pedigrees that are packed with cattle that have lasted and produced like you would want his daughters to. It’s a simple law of genetics: Like begets like. The more great individuals you put into a pedigree, the more chance you have getting a great one out.

We look forward to serving you in the coming years. A business is nothing without supporters. As we move forward, it is undeniable that without every cattle-breeder and semen distributor that has supported our enterprise, truly Triple-Hil Sires would still be only a dream.

To you we say “Thank-you.”
The Crew at Triple-Hil Sires


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