Youtube Channels

Triple-Hil Sires Youtube Channel We post informative videos that are recorded at the meetings we have done around the country. We feature speakers such as John Burket, Dean Jackson, Mark Yeasel, and Bruce Hoeft.

Matt Bychinski If you have interest in Holstein history, this gentleman has some very interesting videos on his channel. We highly recommend you take a look.

Mating Service

Animal Analysis Associates “Sire the Need”  We believe that aAa® Animal Analysis is the best mating tool available to dairy farmers. In short,  aAa® Animal Analysis is a simple, effective and affordable way to breed better offspring from the cows in your herd. We have seen it work time and time again. Visit their website or call one of the analyzers to learn more.


Conceptions Blog: Small steps to better mating, grazing, husbandry, and production. Greg Palen is a dealer for Triple-Hil Sires and an analyzer for aAa® Animal Analysis. Greg is overflowing with years of practical breeding knowledge. Be sure to read his blog or talk to him in person, it will be well worth your time.

Businesses we work with

KI SAMEN: Practical Proven Breeding K.I. Samen is our dealer for Europe. We also carry several of their bulls in our lineup. See them here. They have many outcross genetics for our American bloodlines. They also have a wide range of unique breeds. Contact us if you are looking to purchase semen from them.

Hawkeye Breeders: A housing and collecting facility in Adel, IA We work closely with Hawkeye Breeders in the collection and processing of the semen from our bulls. They are well known for producing high quality semen and dependable service.

Dairy magazines we love

Farmshine: We rise every week to cover farmers and agribusinesses!

Cattle Connection: Connecting Buyers and Sellers Coast to Coast

Holstein International: Monthly magazine for the modern Holstein breeder.