Triple-Hil Photography

Photography is a very important facet of the cattle industry today. Cows are prepped, painted, and polished for the picture that will become their permanent representation in publication and prints in the coming years. We have nothing whatsoever against professional cattle photographers, in fact we sometimes use their services ourselves. The expertise and consistency of their photos are truly admirable.

At Triple-Hil Sires we decided to take a different route. In sync with our breeding philosophy, we believe it is best to portray cattle, not dirty and unkempt, but in a more natural, unaltered way. As you see in most cases we opt for grazing/feeding position at an approximately 45 degree angle. Without a doubt, we are still learning and you can probably find fault with some of these photos, but also you can be assured that when you see the “What you see is what you get” trademark, there will be:

  • no glued teats
  • no modified rump angles
  • no computer-generated toplines