Triple-Hil Sires
Phone: 1-855-955-2100
Email: sales@triplehilsires.com
We personally cover central Maryland, Southern & Central PA, and northern Virginia. We also offer nitrogen refill service for your semen tanks as well as breeding supplies in these areas.

If you have interest in becoming a dealer for us please contact us using the information above. We are always looking for more dedicated people to join our network!


  • Stolhaven Genetics (Amos Stoltzfus)
    Phone: 1-888-672-4328
    Southeastern & Northern PA
  • Wicks AI Inc. (Mark Wicks) 
    Phone: 1-877-488-0588
    Email: skystud@hotmail.com
    Berks, Lebanon, northern Dauphin, Schuylkill, Bucks counties PA, and New Jersey
  • Richard Mellinger
    Phone: 717-390-2855
    Email: newlife4jc@aol.com
  • Owen Rohrer
    Phone: 814-329-3895
    Blair and northern Bedford county PA
  • Nathan Wallizer
    Phone: 570-660-2002
    Clinton, Lycoming Counties PA


  • Imhoff Breeders (Allen Imhoff)
    Phone: 330-201-0789
    Wayne, Holmes, Medina, Ashland, and Stark counties Ohio


  • Michigan Livestock Service Inc. (Greg Palen)
    Phone: 989-834-2661
    Email: greg@michiganlivestock.com
    State of Michigan


  • Global Genetic Resources
    Phone: 1-866-790-2855
    Email: globalgeneticresources@yahoo.com
    Eastern Minnesota
  • C-Genes (Jerry Lawyer)
    Phone: 563-570-3452
    Southern MN


  • Common Sense Genetics (Mark Oberholtzer)
    Phone: 715-773-2240
    Central, West Central Wisconsin
  • Ferdi Seeuws
    Phone: 715-314-1650
    Northwest Wisconsin
  • Bull Shipper (Craig Krohlow)
    Phone: 920-639-5388
    Northeast, East Central Wisconsin
  • Twisted Genes (Nancy Sell)
    Phone: 262-573-9468
    Email: forbulls@gmail.com
    Southern Wisconsin
  • C-Genes (Jerry Lawyer)
    Phone: 563-570-3452
    Southwest WI

Illinois, Indiana

  • Kris Wild
    Phone: 608-214-3259
    Email: wilddaddy79@aol.com
    Illinois, Northern Indiana

Iowa, Missouri

  • C-Genes (Jerry Lawyer)
    Phone: 563-570-3452
    Iowa, Northern Missouri

New York

  • Stolhaven Genetics (Amos Stoltzfus)
    Phone: 1-888-672-4328


  • Wilonna Sires (Bill Stoltzfus)
    Phone: 208-420-4723


  • Omar Stoltzfus
    Phone: 270-466-5331
    Christian, Todd, Logan Counties

International Distributors


  • K.I. Samen
    Phone: +31 (0)77 3586789
    Email: ki@ki-samen.nl


  • Browndale Sires (Doug Brown)
    Phone: 519-732-3339
  • K.I. Samen Canada (Reurt Bomema)
    Phone: 519-550-9873
    Email: r.boelema@ki-samen.com


  • Scott Somerville
    Phone: +61 0408 846 221
    Email: somerell@bigpond.com


  • El Lecherito S.A. (Robert Watson)
    Email: rwatsonb90@gmail.com

Direct Shipping

If you live in an area that doesn’t have a Triple-Hil dealer, we can ship semen to you directly in shipper tanks via Fedex. Call 1-855-955-2100 to submit your order. Shipping rates are prorated according to quantity. Payment is required (check or credit card) before the order is shipped.