Today is Proof Day!

Today is Proof Day!

Today is proof day . . .

Surprise! Triple-Hil Sires does not have any chart toppers in the GTPI, TPI, or type list, or any other such index for that matter.

That is ok. We did not expect to. Neither have we ever selected for genetics based on any of these indexes with the goal of creating a chart topper.

We are focused on a different market, a different type of cow, and a different breeding philosophy. We cater primarily to those who prefer balanced genetics that hail from deep cow families that are proven to transmit milk, components, and everything else that contributes to a healthy, profitable cow. These type of genetics rarely seem to create chart toppers.

Many cow families and bulls get missed in today’s era of genomic testing and index racing. We are dedicated to finding these incredible and often forgotten herds and proven genetic giants that can be used to produce the next generation of 2 year olds that will be balanced enough to not only compete for today’s expectations on milk production, but but also to have the strength and durability to live a long, profitable life in any type of dairy operation.

Pictured below are several of the dams of our bulls – all heroes in our minds, genetic giants that have proven themselves in real life conditions, but would be forgotten in today’s genomic race.

We, as Holstein dairy breeders, have many different paths to choose from in this industry. Each path has different goals and plenty of genetics for those who wish to go down that path. We hope to in some way contribute to the path many great breeders before us have chosen, the path of “common-sense”, balanced, pedigree breeding. We wish you success in your breeding decisions!

Luck-E Advent Atlanta EX-94 2E
Dam of 100HO11612 Atlanta-P
LIFE:205,570 3.7F 3.0P

Burket-Falls 1562-Red EX-91 2E
Dam of 525HO96 Done Right -Red P
LFTD: 184,610 3.8F 2.9P

Windy-Crest Outside Penny EX-94 4E
Dam of 91HO5800 Pedro
LIFE: 175,680 3.9F 3.1P

Mt-Glen Dundee Lovely EX-94 2E 95-MS
Dam of 525HO114 Lynch
LFTD: 190,370 4.4F 3.3P

Lands-Brook Allen Dora EX-95 3E
Dam of 54HO758 Dexter
LFTD: 196,560 3.7F 3.2P