Old Genetics?

Old Genetics?

According to the geneticists, a bull who’s sire, paternal grand-sire, and maternal grand-sire are all 20-30 years old should never produce off-spring that can compete on a modern level in confirmation and production.

Bulls like 91HO5770 Jonah prove otherwise. At Triple-Hil Sires, we don’t put much stock in escalating numbers or the age of genetics involved. We understand that every cow or bull is a result of an individual mating. We look for bulls that are the result of a balanced, common-sense mating, regardless of whether his sire is a popular sire of the day or a 40 year old all-time great. Functional, profitable, long-lived cows are made through responsible breeding that aims at creating a sustainable relationship of parts.

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91HO5770 Jonah Daughters (full sisters):
Mt-Glen Jonah Reese (VG-88 2yr)
2yr 305d proj. 24,614 4.2 1028 3.0 729

Mt-Glen Jonah Royal (EX-90 3yr)
2-04 313d 29,279 4.9 1451 3.0 874