Mobility….it’s important.

Mobility….it’s important.

Here’s 525HO125 Wonderboy (VG-85 2yr) doing his version of “the cow jumped over the moon” during his photo shoot.

All four feet are airborne.

Mobility is a big thing here at Triple-Hil Sires. If you visit our facility you will find bulls with solid feet and legs. We place a premium on selecting bulls that PHENOTYPICALLY express the traits we would like to see in his progeny.

There are various factors that play into a cow (or bull) being able to locomote in a natural and comfortable manner.
1. She must stand evenly and comfortably on all 4 feet.

2. She must have a central thurl position to give her proper weight bearing on both front and rear feet.

3. She must have adequate flex in her hock and pastern for shock absorption

These traits are almost always found in old cows. These girls have logged thousands of miles on pasture and concrete. A cow with poor locomotion abilities will get weeded out of a herd quickly, whether she is in a tie-stall, free-stall, or grass-based operation.

The dam of 525HO125 Hy-Hill Golden D Wonderboy was an EX-91 Outside daughter who lived to be 12 years old and produced over 200,000 lb. of milk in her lifetime.

Wonderboy exhibits the athleticism and vitality that often accompanies long-lived cattle.

Triple-Hil Sires… the bulls that were bred to be cows.