The Cows at Triple-Hil

Focusing on Longevity

2017 brought changes to Triple-Hil Sires. In July, we said good-bye to our milking registered Holstein herd. (Thanks to Arbaugh Flowing Spring Farm). We enjoyed working with our cows and especially valued its connection to our bull business. Being able to put the Triple-Hil bulls to use in our own herd and seeing the results with our own eyes was important. But as the business continues to grow, we concluded that something needed to go. This allows us more time and energy to put toward the business, giving us additional opportunities to get on the road to share our message and visit your farms.

We still own or have part interest in several brood cows:



Hillmont Mich Loreli (EX-92 94-MS 2E)

  • Mich x Hillmont Durham Lyndi (EX-96 2E)
  • Just calved the 5th time with a Laredo bull calf
  • Loreli has a beautiful yearling Black Ice daughter (will sell for the right price)




St Jacobs Perseus Ashlyn RC (VG-88 4yr)

  • Rainyridge Perseus x Tri-Day Ashlyn (EX-96 2E)
  • VG-88 3yr old daughter by Canyon-Breeze Ambush
  • Fresh milking daughters by Armani and Arudolf
  • Female embryos for sale by Chelios and Stormatic
  • We are hoping to calve Ashlyn in again next fall; she is a steam engine!




Triple-Rose Admires Amber (EX-92 4yr)

  • Allen x EX Jasper x EX-96 2E Tri-Day Ashlyn
  • Just calved in the 4th time with a Redross heifer calf
  • Will be aspirating her to Jonah