525JE14 Ent-Llr-Mph AJ


aAa: 354126 | BC: A2/A2

DOB: 12/04/2020 | Reg: 3150588027

Pedigree Analysis

STELLAR: Extremely high in quality; excellent…the name describes the bull, a combination of breeding from two of the oldest Jersey establishments in the world. With 70 years in the business of breeding purebred Jerseys on a grass-based commercially-operated dairy farm in the Taranaki region of New Zealand, the Revell family of Beledene Jerseys is known around the Jersey world for their cattle of highest quality.

Michael Heath of Heath Jerseys, Mark & Will Iager of Entourage LLR, and the Stiles family of Spring Valley Farm of Westminster, MD have dedicated their Jersey breeding career to bringing together and providing the very best of pure Jerseys in the world for all of us to use for the improvement of our herds.

Stellar is the result of combining the production of his sire, Applejack, with the breeding power of the cow family in Beledene Mons Selina. On the top side, there are brood cows such as Duncan Belle, C Tops Impressive and Molly Brook Fascinator Flower. He also has six lines to Highland Magic Duncan. All these animals are known for their production. On the maternal side, Beledene Mons Selina has five lines to Beledene Dukes Lord who is a full brother to Beledene Dukes Landy, the bull used in the USA that worked so well in the grass-based dairy farming movement.

Health traits, mainly being low SCC, longevity, strong feet and legs as well as high components and good udders, are bred into the cattle at Beledene Jerseys.

Study the breeding of the bull STELLAR and see that Triple Hil Sires is making available a truly rare young sire.

–Doug Martin, Pleasant Valley Jerseys

Dam of Stellar:
Beledene Mons Selina (VHC 97)

Full Sister to Stellar:
Ent-Llr Mph AJ Serendipity (VG-85 2yr)

Full Sister to Stellar


Steinhauers Iatola Applejack


Beledene Mons Selina (VHC 97)
3yr 293d 9,849 6.6 647 4.6 455
(Sired by: Beledene Dels Montana)

2nd Dam:

Beledene Imps Serenade (VHC 94)
4yr 293d 11,803 6.0 704 4.3 504
Sired by: Beledene Supreme Imperial)

3rd Dam:

Beledene Libs Serenade
9yr 305d 11,959 6.0 715 4.4 4926
Milked for 10 lactations!

4th Dam:

Beledene Lord’s Sundae (VHC 87)
5yr 305d 9854 6.5 640 4.5 438

5th Dam:

Beledene Tans Sunray (VHC 87)
8yr 305d 8848 6.8 603 4.4 389

No genomic information available.