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The bulls that were bred to be cows

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The Latest Additions!

What is new at Triple-Hil Sires? Here are the newest additions to our lineup! Be sure to check out the bull’s page to see more information and pictures. If you are looking for balanced genetics with a focus on cow families we have it whether you breed Holstein, Jersey, Ayshire, Guernsey, or Lineback!

What breeds do we work with?

We now have genetics available from five dairy breeds! We will continue to expand into the other dairy breeds as the opportunities present themselves.


Holsteins have been and will continue to be what we focus on. On average we release around 4-5 young sires per year. We put a strong emphasis on cow families, longevity, high lifetime records, and a balanced physique.


We have always appreciated and admired the Jersey breed for the components that they can effortlessly produce along with the smaller frames that are preferred by some dairies. We have a great selection of deep-pedigreed, A2/A2 and polled sires!


Triple-Hil Sires is the official semen distribution network for Masterpiece Genetics.

Masterpiece Genetics is a small stud focused on type, high components, and deep cow families. We believe the best success will come from building on the wisdom of successful breeders themselves in selecting bulls from proven dams and cow families.


We have partnered with Ayrshire Ambassadors Co-op to offer a selection of balanced, deep-pedigreed, outcross Ayrshires!


This niche breed has a lot of fans around the globe. With their popularity rising at shows and sales, now is the time to use one of these balanced sires to add some interest to your herd!