Silver Star

Silver Star

525AY09 Oake Knoll

Silver Star


aAa: 531462 |BC: A1/A2 | Polled

Reg: 3217420774 | DOB: 12/25/2020

Pedigree Analysis–Breeder’s Perspective

I bought Silver Fox and her Dam, Foxy Broxy at the dispersal of Master Breeder Doug Shores herd. Both were on the breed’s Elite list. Foxy Broxy (EX-90), was a tremendous cow that lived for 17 years, breeding back each year in my 100% grass-fed herd.

Silver Fox was a favorite in Doug’s herd, she was a high-index cow with tremendous width and openness of rib. Her daughter, Burdette’s Slvr Fox (EX-93 3E) is a strong, well put together cow with records more than 1,000 lbs over herdmates. She’s dairy, correct in the feet and legs, open and youthful. She’s over 10 years old, 100% grass-fed with more than 4% fat.

This cow family is fun to work with. Welded on udders, wide throughout, combined with exceptional dairy character. They breed back and calve in easy. Silver Star’s calves have lots of vigor and are quickly up and looking to nurse. His calves are born small and grow quickly.

–Terri Lawton, Oake Knoll Ayrshires

Silver Star’s Dam:
Oake Knoll Burdette’s Slvr Fox (EX-93 3E)

Same Family:
Oake Knoll Burdette’s Fox (EX-91 2E)


Hawksfield Justice-P-ET


Oake Knoll Burdette’s Slvr Fox (EX-93 3E)
8yr 428d 15,560 4.4 679 3.1 478
(Sired by: Palmyra Tri-Star Burdette-ET)

2nd Dam:

Wilshore Tb Sliver Fox (GP-83)
2-07 305d 16,000 4.0 642 3.1 501
(Sired by: Wilshore Tommy B-ET)

3rd Dam:

Wilshore Foxy Broxy (EX-90)
5-00 301d 15,990 4.1 648 3.3 533
(Sired by: Zam-Hawk Brock-ET)

4th Dam:

Wilshore Festus Fox Lady (EX-92 4E)
4-10 361d 23,130 4.7 1076 3.2 732
LIFE: 3243d 194,200 4.2 8096 3.2 6132
1st Milking SR Yearling Easten National 2002
1st SR 3YR Old Eastern States National 2004
2nd 4YR Old Eastern States National 2005

5th Dam:

Wilshore Will3 Foxy Spotsy (VG-86)
4-06 365d 22,050 3.7 824 3.0 665

6th Dam:

Wilshore Spec Peanut (VG-85)
4-06 316d 18,170 4.3 787 3.4 610

7th Dam:

Wilshore Concellor Peanut (VG-86)
5-04 305d 16,000 3.9 620 3.4 551

No genomic information available.