525JE13 Elquest


aAa: 513624 | BC: A2/A2 | KC: BB

DOB: 07/08/2021 | Reg: 3142495162

Pedigree Analysis–Breeder’s Perspective

In 2017 we were looking to add a few foundational polled Jerseys to the Elquest herd. A dealer contacted us about a a pair of polled full sisters that were bred heifers. Their dam was an EX 91 cow that spent extended time on a flush program for the export market. She had an EX 92 sister as well. The pedigree fit our philosophy of building not only from deep pedigrees but more importantly from wide cow families.

We had no idea that the genetics we purchased in those two heifers would be so impactful. Today Shadow (Saber’s dam) is EX-92 and her full sister is EX-93. More impressive is their transmitting ability. Saber’s only sister is already VG-88 at three years. The 93 point sister to Shadow has an EX daughter at three years as well as an 87 point two year old daughter. The consistently beautiful udders is a family trademark.

Then there are thing that never show up on paper. The attitude – not a mean, hard to work with attitude but a toughness and a determined “will to live” attitude. When the cows go
out to pasture, Shadow puts her tail up and gallops out of the barn. With that attitude comes an agility that allows her to make the turn at the end of the barn without falling. In five years of galloping I have never seen her fall.

–Glen Peachey, Elquest Holsteins & Jerseys

Saber’s Dam:
Kulp-Gen Spartan Shadow (EX-92)



Covington Zorro Mask-P


Kulp-Gen Spartan Shadow-P-ET (EX-92)
5-11 365d 22,556 5.0 1137 3.5 796
(Sired by: Kash-In Spartan-P-ET)

2nd Dam:

Freemans Critic Stormy-P-ET (EX-91)
6-06 108d 6,600 5.0 330 3.4 227 (inc.)
(Sired by: Schultz Legal Critic-P)

3rd Dam:

Freemans Ecliplse Sugar-P-ET (VG-84)
3-03 305d 19,630 5.7 1127 3.9 761
(Sired by: Maack Dairy Eclipse-P-ET)

4th Dam:

Dave-Ron Iatola Sylvia-ET (VG-87)
2-03 305d 22,830 5.5 1245 3.5 790

5th Dam:

Nobledale Victorias Sydney-ET (EX-90)
2-01 305d 23,230 4.7 1087 3.6 841

6th Dam:

Nobledale Pitino Victoria-ET (EX-94)
3-04 305d 21,030 4.3 902 3.2 671

7th Dam:

Nobledale Juno Vermont (EX-94)
5-02 305d 26,220 4.8 1250 3.5 929

8th Dam:

Nobledale Legend Vertus (EX-92)
9-09 305d 19,030 4.2 796 3.6 688

No genomic information available.