Risk P-Red

Risk P-Red

525HO141 Elquest

Risk P-Red

*PO | aAa: 246135 | BC: A2/A2 | KC: AA

Reg: 145227863 | DOB: 04/20/2020

Pedigree Analysis

This exciting young Done Right son boasts quite a few talking points! He’s polled, Red & White, A2/A2 and carries a hard to find aAa code.

As you can see from her photo, the dam of Risk P-Red is a young cow with a future! This Ammo P daughter scored EX just fresh as a three year old and she continues to develop. Behind her is a cow family, affectionately known around the world as “The Roxy’s”. Risk P-Red traces his maternal roots back to Roxy through a branch that Ridgedale developed into it’s own legacy, producing legends such as the EX-96 4E Raichu and her sister the EX-95 Runway. Of course, Ridgedale Raimund, a proven bull who spent several years in our lineup hails from this family also.

The Peachy family has developed a superb herd of Holsteins, focusing on balance matings, high components and polled. Risk P-Red brings it all together! We think the mating of Done Right on this beautiful uddered Ammo daughter is brilliant.

Glen Peachy has this to say about Risk’s maternal line:

His first 3 dams have never seen a vet. The third dam was treated once for a mild case of mastitis but if memory serves me correctly that is the only health issues in those 3 generations with the exception of milk fever which was a diet issue.

Why is that important? Since the 1970’s the focus of the dairy industry has been toward a high production, low margin cow. That model works well for the large dairies. If the small dairy is to survive, another approach must be implemented. A 50 or 100 cow dairy cannot survive using the low margin model. I have to increase my per cow profit. Instead of focusing on more milk, I need to focus on more profit per cow.

Fertility, health and components all play a role in increasing my profit per cow. Risk’s maternal line checks the boxes.

CDCB – PTA 4/22

  • Calving Ease: 3.5

Dam of Risk P-Red:
Elquest Rosanna P (EX-90 3yr)
2-02 365d 24,602 4.3 1056 3.1 776

Same Family as Risk P-Red:
Ridgedale-T Raichu-Red (EX-96 4E)
LIFE: 171,400 3.9 6727 3.1 5337
(Dam of 525HO71 Ridgedale Raimund)

525HO71 Ridgedale Raimund


Burket-Falls Done Right-Red (EX-92)


Elquest Rosanna P (EX-90 3yr)
2-02 365d 24,602 4.3 1056 3.1 776
Sired by: Mr Leaninghouse Ammo-P-ET

2nd Dam:

Elquest Rae P (EX-91 5yr)
2-11 365 34804 4.1 1431 2.9 1026
4-0 365 28740 4.6 1315 3.2 919
Sired by: Buck-H-Creek Mgl Piranha-Red

3rd Dam:

Elquest-FH Rejoice-Red-ET (VG-88)
4-04 342d 25,395 5.3 1357 3.3 834
LIFE: 132,236 4.9 6449 3.2 4256

4th Dam:

Maple-Nook Runaway-Red-ET (EX-91 2E)
4-11 365d 33,320 3.9 1292 3.2 1066

5th Dam:

Ridgedale-T Radiance-ET (EX-90 4yr)
3-10 305d 25,670 4.5 1158 2.9 751

6th Dam:

Ridgedale-T Rehema-Red (EX-93 2E)
6-02 365d 26,100 4.1 1065 2.9 750

7th Dam:

Hanover-Hill-R MI Rochelle (EX-93 7yr)
5-10 365d 24,980 4.6 1154 3.4 840

8th Dam:

Hanover-Hill-R Rhonda-TW (EX-94 4E EEEEE)
6-02 365d 38,820 4.0 1562 2.9 1141
LIFE: 2823d 196,650 4.3 8448 3.2 6215

9th Dam:

C Hanover-Hill Star Roxy-ET (EX-92 2E EEEE)
4-05 365d 31,780 4.4 1394 3.1 994

10th Dam:

Mil-R-Mor Roxette (EX-90 7YR EEEV)
7-01 365d 24,350 4.7 1153
LIFE: 2150d 121,417 5725

11th Dam:

C Glenridge Citation Roxy (EX-97 4E EEEE)
1001 365d 25,280 4.2 1061
LIFE: 3620d 209,784 4.5 9471
2x Queen of the Breed!

12th Dam:

C Norton Court Model Vee (EX-90 13YR EEEV)
6-06 365d 22,483 3.9 875
LIFE: 4183d 218,629 3.9 8581