525HO135 Scenic-Vista Rdel Radix-ET *RC *PO
aAa: 156423 | Beta Casein: A1/A2 | Kappa Casein: AB
Reg: 3205948580 | DOB: 06-20-2019

Pedigree Analysis
Meet Radix, our newest star! This Rex-PP-Red son hails from a “hidden gem” cow family in southwestern PA. Radix is a beautiful blend of the round traits of his sire and the incredible dairyness and angularity of his dam. Pronto Lynita is a cow who brings everything together in one package…gorgeous confirmation, great production, super high components, fertility and longevity.

This cow family is known for their transmitting ability and longevity. The 3rd dam of Radix, Elk-Lick Charles Ardel, lived to be 18 years old and was dam of 15 EX and 19 VG daughters! Her Durham daughter also lived to be 12 years old. This incredible will to live carries on to Radix’s dam as she is 11 years old and still in the milking string.

With his impressive proven parentage on both sides of the pedigree and the wonderful qualities that he displays we think this bull will live up to his name–Radix: “the source or origin”.

CDCB – PTA 12/20

  • Calving Ease: 2.2

Radix’s Dam:
Elk-Lick Pronto Lynita EX-94 3E

2nd Dam:
Elk-Lick Durhm Ardel Lea (EX-92 3E)

3rd Dam:
Elk-Lick Ann Charles Ardel (EX-94 3E) DOM


Ja-Bob Rex-PP-Red


Elk-Lick Pronto Lynita (EX-94 3E EEEEE)
8-05 365d 37,600 4.2 1578 3.3 1255
LFTD: 2928d 218,390 4.6 10,028 3.5 7658
(Sired by: Windy-Knoll-View Pronto-ET)

2nd Dam:

Elk-Lick Durhm Ardel Lea-ET (EX-92 3E)
6-04 365d 28,060 3.9 1096 3.4 946
LIFE: 3360d 226,950 4.6 10,339 3.5 8022
(Sired by: Regancrest Elton Durham)

3rd Dam:

Elk-Lick Ann Charles Ardel (EX-94 3E) DOM
4-05 365d 33,160 4.0 1336 3.0 1007
LIFE: 2343d 156,760 4.1 6381 3.1 4892
15 EX and 19 VG daughters
(Sired by: Boulet Charles-ET)

4th Dam:

Elk-Lick Ann Star Arlene-TW (VG-85 6yr)
6-01 317d 19,330 3.3 635 3.0
LIFE: 2005d 100,550 3.6 3576 3.1 3137

5th Dam:

Elk-Lick Ann Viking (VG-86 6yr)
8-01 292d 22,960 3.6 833 2.7 630