525HO67 Farmers Wish Olbia (97% RHA)
aAa: 462  Beta Casein: A2/A2
DOB:11/09/2016 Reg: NL 741835585

Pedigree Analysis
K.I. Samen has partnered with Veecom in a breeding adventure entitled “Farmer’s Wish”. The goal of this effort is to provide quality sires for dairy farmers in Europe who are concerned about the lack of diversity in modern bloodlines and the lack of round qualities in many of the bulls offered today.

Olbia is a young bull with an impressive cow family. There were eight generations of his cow family living on the farm at one point! Behind him are five cows who produced over 220,000 lbs in their lifetime. Three of these cows also managed to produce over 22,000 lbs of combined fat and protein.

This kind of longevity is no doubt very rarely seen in an industry that is bent on following hyper-escalating indexes and fast milk.

CDCB – PTA 4/20

  • Calving Ease: 8.5%

Dam: Afra 128 (VG-86)

2nd Dam: Afra 60 (VG-88


Big Spell


Afra 128 (VG-86)
6-00 418d 35,897 4.2 1508 3.3 1185
LFTD: 125,294 4.0 5012 3.4 4260

2nd Dam:

Afra 60 (VG-88)
4-06 395d 33,656 3.4 1144 3.4 1144
Life: 247,962 3.8 9138 3.3 8281

3rd Dam:

Afra 48 (VG-87)
Life: 242,778 3.3 7911 3.2 7775