525HO142 Liddleholme 


(EX-90 4yr) – Available SEXED!

99% RHA-I | aAa: 432516 | BC: A1/A1 | KC: AE

Reg: 840003149233837 | DOB: 04/19/2018

Pedigree Analysis

Liddlehome Resur Lu first caught our eye as an 8 year old at the All-American show in 2017. She stood out from the crowd with her overall balance. She was more moderate in stature and had considerably more width and dairy character than the type of cows that we typically see at shows. She was very structurally correct in every way. She had a tremendous leg, beautiful mammary, level rump, deep sprung rib, and a harmonious blending of parts from her head to her tail.

We continued to watch Lu develop, impressed with just how well she kept maturing into a more and more impressive individual. Eventually she joined the coveted and rare EX-97 club! It was obvious to us that we needed to get a son from her. After some deliberation, we made a contract with Liddleholme with a mutually agreed mating of Atlanta-P and Advent-Red as the sires of choice.

Unfortunately before Liddleholme was able to fulfill the contract, Lu was diagnosed with cancer at almost 13 years old and had to be put down. Although we were disappointed that our contract couldn’t be fulfilled, we were presented with another option. Paul Skarka, from NY, had been selling semen from Lu-Tenant-Red, Lu’s Army son. We feel that Army was a good mate on Lu and we are very excited to add Lu-Tenant-Red to the roster at Triple-Hil Sires. Lu-Tenant’s oldest daughters are about breeding age. We expect them to follow the “Lu” pattern of moderate size, stature and slower maturing.

CDCB – PTA 8/22 – Genomic

  • Fat: +.06%
  • Pro: +.06%
  • DPR: +.04
  • Calving Ease: 3.3

Dam of Lu-Tenant-Red:
Liddleholme Resur Lu-ET (EX-97 4E)

Dam of Lu-Tenant-Red:
Liddleholme Resur Lu-ET (EX-97 4E)

Dam of Lu-Tenant-Red:
Liddleholme Resur Lu-ET (EX-97 4E)


Siemers Apples Army-ET


Liddleholme Resur Lu-ET (EX-97 4E)
9-04 365d 30,840 4.5 1387 3.1 955
Life: 210,130 4.2 8779 3.2 6824

2nd Dam:

Brigeen-HH Sept St Lulu-Red (EX-91 2E)
3-10 365d 29,660 4.2 1258 3.2 958
Life: 102,140 4.6 4655 3.5 3562

3rd Dam:

Hanoverhill Mae Lulu-ET (EX-90)
4-04 365d 33,530 5.1 1696 3.4 1126

4th Dam:

C Hanoverhill Sheik Lulu-ET (EX-94 3E)
9-03 365d 39,020 3.8 1484 3.1 1228
Life: 206,369 3.9 8136 3.3 6804

5th Dam:

Tora Triple Threat Lulu (EX-96)
Life: 133,398 3.9 5185

6th Dam:

Ormsby Lougo Alta (EX-90 2E)
8-05 365d 24,550 3.7 900

7th Dam:

Ormsby Alta Pride (VG-85)
11-10 365d 22838 3.4 777