525HO134 Mt-Glen Jonah LITHIUM (VG-88 VVEE)
aAa: 465312  Beta Casein: A1/A2
DOB: 06/05/2018 Reg: 3151195667

Pedigree Analysis

We are very excited to launch this young bull on his career! Sired by our popular proven bull Jonah, Lithium resembles his father in both confirmation and markings.

Lithium’s dam is an up-and-coming star at Mt-Glen farms. Sired by Awesome-Red, this young cow received her maximum score of EX-92 as a 3yr old. She just calved in for the 3rd time, and it looks it looks like her best days are ahead! Behind her is the EX-94 2E Fever (dam of 525HO68 Lincoln) and then the EX-94 3E Dundee Lovely who was the dam of 525HO114 Lynch.

In one package, you get the best of Mt-Glen’s “J” and ‘L” families, plus a good dose of Luck-E udders and high components. In our opinion, this was a genius mating decision by the Jackson’s! Not to mention, Lithium exhibits a beautiful blend of parts and carries a very unique aAa code of 4-6-5. Charge your breeding program today with Lithium!

CDCB – PA 8/20

  • Calving Ease: 3.4%

Lithium’s Dam Rear View:
Mt-Glen Awesome Lavelle-ET (EX-92 93-MS)

Lithium’s Dam Side View:
Mt-Glen Awesome Lavelle-ET (EX-92 93-MS)

2nd Dam and Dam of Lincoln
Mt-Glen Fever Lassie (EX-94 2E)

3rd Dam of Lion King
Mt-Glen Dundee Lovely (EX-94 3E)


Mt-Glen Adolph Jonah


Mt-Glen Awesome Lavelle-ET (EX-92 93-MS 3yr.)
3-01 269d 24,344 4.4 1026 3.0 732

2nd Dam:

Mt-Glen Fever Lassie (EX-94 96-MS 2E)
7-06 336d 41,600 5.2 2177 2.9 1190

3rd Dam:

Mt-Glen Dundee Lovely (EX94 3E)
7-05 365d 44,790 4.2 1860 3.3 1467

4th Dam:

Carrousel Talent Lyn (EX-91 3E)
5-09 365d 34,840 4.9 1698 3.4 1170

5th Dam:

Carrousel Leader Lucky-TW (EX-93 2E)
7-05 363d 29,930 5.1 1526 3.2 961

6th Dam:

Mt-Glen Broker Lucy (EX-94 2E)
5-09 365d 23,490 5.0 1182 3.5 820