525AY07 Plum-Bottom Ryder


BC: A1/A1 | Reg: 840003140786334 | DOB: 05-24-2019

Bred by Plum-Bottom Ayrshires, Bellville PA; Owned by Triple-Hil Sires

  • The Plum-Bottom herd is bred for grazing. The milk records noted are made on Grass.
  • The genetics behind Chase are optimized for longevity, balance, and efficiency in a grazing environment.
  • The 2nd Dam was Grand Champion of the 2017 PA Farm Show!
  • Behind the EX-90 Dam is 7 more consecutive generations of Excellent cows!

2nd Dam of Chase:
Plum-Bottom Burdette Coco (EX-92)


Plum-Bottom Burdette Ryder


Plum-Bottom Predator Char (EX-90)

2nd Dam:

Plum-Bottom Burdette Coco (EX-92 2E)
3-06 362 16991 4.2 721 3.0 510

3rd Dam:

Agawam Captain Caitlyn (EX-90)
3-03 321 14360 3.9 559 3.2 461

4th Dam:

Jenny's Garth Shirley (EX-90)

5th Dam:

Jenny's BBBK Shelby (EX-90)

6th Dam:

Jenny's Reno Shedaisy (EX-90)

7th Dam:

Jenny's Trident Shannon (EX-92)

8th Dam:

Bryan's Pure Jade Ellie (EX-91)

This bull has no genomic information.