Bush Wacker

525HO133 Dun-Did Bush Wacker-ET (EX-90 3yr) 
aAa: 354162  Beta Casein: A2/A2
DOB: 10-23-2016  Reg: 144056769

Pedigree Analysis
We are pleased to add another bull to our lineup that carries the Dun-Did prefix.

Bush Wacker hails from the same cow family as Black Onyx. His dam, was in fact, a full sister to Black Onyx’s dam. Dun-Did Titan Aggie, although never pictured, was Harry Weir’s favorite of the three EX-93 Titan daughters from “Senator Aleasha”.

Combining this cow family with Sunnylodge Linjet makes for something special. Here at Triple-Hil Sires, we are focused on providing you with qualities that have become rare in the breed today. Bush Wacker as a young bull already displays an amazing amount of width in the front end, impressive fore and rear rib, and great feet & legs. For those who are breeding A2/A2, finally here is a Dun-Did bull who qualifies.

CDCB – PA 8/20

  • Calving Ease: 3.8%

Full Sister to Bush Wacker
Dun-Did Linjet Alexis

Full Sister to Dam of Bush Wacker
Dun-Did Titan Aja (EX-93 2E)

2nd Dam of Bush Wacker (EX-94 4E)
Dun-Did Senator Aleasha


Sunnylodge Linjet


Dun-Did Titan Aggie-ET (EX-93 2E)
6-04 305d 28,900 3.9 1128 3.2 924

2nd Dam:

Dun-Did Senator Aleasha-ET (EX 94 3E)
9-00 365 30,574 4.0F 3.1p

3rd Dam:

Dun-Did Northcroft Aries (EX-90 7yr)

4th Dam:

Dun-Did B-Stardust Airianna (EX-91 2E)

5th Dam:

Dun-Did Swanky Aireal (EX-90 2E)

6th Dam:

Dun-Did Senator Annalou (EX-91 3E)

7th Dam:

Dun-Did Tempo Annalou (EX-90 2E)

8th Dam:

Dun-Did Fashion Andrea (EX-90 2E)

9th Dam:

Hennigs Annie (EX-90 2E)