Bush Wacker

Bush Wacker

525HO133 Dun-Did

Bush Wacker-ET

EX-92 | aAa: 354162 | BC: A2/A2 | KC: AA

DOB: 10-23-2016 | Reg: 144056769

Pedigree Analysis

This A2/A2 Linjet son hails from the same cow family as Black Onyx. His dam, was in fact, a full sister to Black Onyx’s dam. Dun-Did Titan Aggie, although never pictured, was Harry Weir’s favorite of the three EX-93 Titan daughters from “Senator Aleasha”.

Combining this cow family with Sunnylodge Linjet makes for something special. Here at Triple-Hil Sires, we are focused on providing you with qualities that have become rare in the breed today. We expect this bull to add plenty of width and strength throughout.

Bush Wacker has developed into an impressive bull, displaying an amazing amount of width in the front end, good rib, wide rump, and near perfect set of feet & legs.

CDCB – PA 8/22

  • Fat: +.04%
  • Protein: +.05%
  • Calving Ease: 4.4%

Full Sister to Bush Wacker
Dun-Did Linjet Alexis

Full Sister to Dam of Bush Wacker
Dun-Did Titan Aja (EX-93 2E)

2nd Dam of Bush Wacker (EX-94 4E)
Dun-Did Senator Aleasha


Sunnylodge Linjet


Dun-Did Titan Aggie-ET (EX-93 2E)
6-04 305d 28,900 3.9 1128 3.2 924

2nd Dam:

Dun-Did Senator Aleasha-ET (EX 94 3E)
9-00 365 30,574 4.0F 3.1p

3rd Dam:

Dun-Did Northcroft Aries (EX-90 7yr)

4th Dam:

Dun-Did B-Stardust Airianna (EX-91 2E)

5th Dam:

Dun-Did Swanky Aireal (EX-90 2E)

6th Dam:

Dun-Did Senator Annalou (EX-91 3E)

7th Dam:

Dun-Did Tempo Annalou (EX-90 2E)

8th Dam:

Dun-Did Fashion Andrea (EX-90 2E)

9th Dam:

Hennigs Annie (EX-90 2E)