Airforce One

Airforce One

525HO56 Dol’s

Airforce One

(96% RHA)

aAa: 324 | BC: A2/A2 | KC: AB

DOB: 05/30/2015 Reg: NL 644948755

Pedigree Analysis

Airforce One is an exciting young A2/A2 bull that we have added to the lineup to take the place of Lady Lover and Tackleberry who are no longer available. This bull is unique in the fact that he combines a well-known U.S. sire, Adonis-Red with a very impressive cow family in Switzerland. Adonis-Red, a maternal brother to the popular Awesome-Red, was a 5-6-1 coded bull that made a lot of good cows.

Airforce One’s maternal line is known for their high protein percentages (5 generations average 3.8%) and exceptional confirmation (94 x 93x 95 x 89 x 89). His dam, as you can see in the photo below is an amazing cow. Here is her Adonis son!

CDCB – PTA 8/22

  • Calving Ease: 2.7%
  • Fat: +.05%
  • Protein: -.01%

Dam: Plattery Princesse (EX-94)


Luck-E Adonis-Red


Plattery Princesse (EX-94)
6-04 422d 38181 5.37 2050 3.86 1474

2nd Dam:

Plattery Salto Milene (EX-93)
Life: 86,710 4.2 3642 3.53 3061