Hold Up

Hold Up

54HO810 Welsh-Edge Goldchip Hold Up (EX-90 4yr)

aAa: 156342  Beta Casein: A1/A1

DOB: 10/20/13  Reg: 143226259

Pedigree Analysis & Progeny Description

As a 1-5-6 Goldchip son, Hold Up is a rare offering indeed. Hold Up’s grand-dam, a Durham named Gingerheart, is the cornerstone to most of the cows in the barn. And rightly so; Gingerheart made an incredible lifetime record and produced 13 EX and 9 VG daughters to date, with many more high-scoring descendants beyond that.

This bull sports a set of feet that should be the envy of dairy cattle everywhere. Hold Up offers a modern width and style that is badly needed today along with longevity and high milk production.

The first crop of Hold Up daughters are milking in the midwest. They are dairy cattle with plenty of rib and capacity. Their udders are likely the best part, with high wide rear attachments and great teat placement.

CDCB – PTA 4/22

  • Calving Ease: 1.3%
  • Fat: -.21%
  • Protein: -.08%
  • 33 Dau. Final Score: 80.1
  • Age Adj. Final Score: 82.8


Hold Up Daughters:
VG-86, GP-82, GP-80

GP-82 Hold Up Daughter

VG-85 Hold Up Daughter

Dam of Hold Up:
Welsh-Edge Norman Harmony (EX-91)

2nd Dam of Hold Up:
Welsh-Edge Gingerheart (EX-92 4E)


Mr Chassity Gold Chip (EX-94 6yr)


Welsh-Edge Norman Harmony-ET (EX-91 5yr)
4-06 305d 27,840 3.3 918 3.0 836

2nd Dam:

Welsh-Edge Gingerheart-ET (EX-92 4E)
9-03 363d 30,630 3.4 1030 3.0 926
LIFE: 3466d 235,850 3.5 8227 3.2 7518

3rd Dam:

Welsh-Edge Leadman Ginger (EX-90 4E)
4-04 305d 33,495 3.7 1224 2.9 794
LIFE: 4539d 316,408 3.7 11,657 3.0 9462