525HO90 Peeldijker Performer-Red (93% RHA)
aAa: 426  Beta Casein: A2/A2
DOB:12-28-2014 Reg: NL 616098301

Pedigree Analysis
Performer is promising young R&W sire from the same maternal line as K. I. Samen bull, Outlaw. His sire, Pitbull, is an Italian bull that sires strong front ends, deep ribs, sloping rumps, and good feet & legs. Performer’s dam is a full sister to K. I. Samen bull, Outlaw-Red. He is known for siring high-producing and well-balanced cows. His grand-dam is a beautiful cow with great confirmation and very high components.

CDCB – PTA 8/20

  • Fat: +.01%
  • Protein: +.04%
  • Calving Ease: 2.6

Performer Daughter

Performer Daughter

2nd Dam of Performer-Red (VG-89)


Go-Farm Pitbul


Peeldijker Liesje 935 (B+84)
(full sister to Outlaw)
3-05 392d 34,428 4.6 1584 3.7 1274

2nd Dam:

Peeldijker (VG-89)
5-02 494d 37,429 4.9 1834 3.8 1422
LIFE: 160,356 4.7 7536 3.8 6094

Proof data

performer proof