525HO128 Welsh-Edge Allen Hydro
aAa: 234165  Beta Casein: A1/A2
DOB: 02-02-2017   Reg: 144426474

Pedigree Analysis
Black, silky, and upstanding are words that describe this just-released young sire. Hydro is bred by the Petersheim family of Welsh-Edge Holsteins.

Hydro hails from the same cow family that produced Hold Up, a Gold Chip son that we have been working with for the past year. Hydro’s dam is an EX-91 Shot Al daughter that keeps getting better with age. Her dam was an EX-93 Stormatic, one of our favorites at Welsh-Edge.

The Gingerheart family rarely misses when it comes to udder quality and longevity. On the paternal side, Canyon-Breeze Allen was a 5-4-6 coded bull who could still dominate the show ring. This balance of sharp and round traits is what attracts us to this young Allen son.

In a world that has no shortage of 2-3-4 combination sires, here is a bull who can bring you those tall, open qualities without the extremes that plague most “bottle-necked” blood-lines in the breed today.

CDCB – PA 8/20

  • Calving Ease: 3.8%

Dam of Hydro
Welsh-Edge Al Hysterical (EX-91 2E)

2nd Dam of Hydro
Welsh-Edge Strmatic Hype (EX-93 3E)

Hyrdro’s Maternal Sister
Welsh-Edge SL Hocuspocus (EX-90)


Canyon-Breeze Allen


Welsh-Edge Al Hysterical (EX-92 2E)
4-09 328d 28,230 4.0 1126 3.0 846
LFTD: 1880d 136,260 4.0 5452 3.1 4263
(Sired by: Mr Regelcreek Shot Al)

2nd Dam:

Welsh-Edge Strmatic Hype-ET(EX-93 3E)
4-06 355d 32,400 3.7 1206 3.2 1047
LIFE: 2112d 173,590 3.6 6293 3.1 5357

3rd Dam:

Welsh-Edge Gingerheart-ET (EX-92 4E)
9-03 363d 30,630 3.4 1030 3.0 926
LIFE: 3466d 235,850 3.5 8227 3.2 7518

4th Dam:

Welsh-Edge Leadman Ginger (EX-90 4E)
4-04 305d 33,495 3.7 1224 2.9 794
LIFE: 4539d 316,408 3.7 11,657 3.0 9462