525HO126 Gloryland Jaguar-ET *B/R (VG-86 @ 3-07)
aAa: 132645  Beta Casein: A1/A2
Kappa Casein: AA
DOB: 02-12-2017  Reg: 840003125385183

Pedigree Analysis

“Roxy” is truly a household name in the Holstein industry today. The greatness of the Roxy blood is exemplified by how many branches of this family have flourished and formed legends in their own right. Arguably one of the truest breeding Roxy branches is that of “Lana Rae”. This Rudolph daughter, bred and developed by David Tait of Gloryland Holsteins rarely missed when it came to transmitting to the next generation. To date, Lana Rae has 23 EX and 7 VG daughters. Her progeny is scattered across the globe… and there is always a demand for more.

Jaguar is a young bull with a lot of potential. He is a slow-maturing bull, but with all the right parts. His feet and legs are exceptional, scoring EX in that breakdown as a two year old.

Using a bull who’s sire and maternal grand-sire were both born in the 1970’s might not be for everybody, but here’s your chance to inject some unique blood into your herd.

CDCB – PA 8/20

  • Calving Ease: 2.5%

Dam of Jaguar and Lexican:
Gloryland Lexie Rae EX-96 4E

2nd Dam of Jaguar and Lexican:
Glorland Lana Rae EX-94 2E

Maternal sister to Dam of Jaguar and Lexican:
Gloryland Liberty Rae EX-95 3E


Bridon Astro Jet


Gloryland Lexie Rae-ET (EX-96 4E)
8-01 365d 30,100 3.7 1121 3.1 931
LIFE: 3919d 202,630 3.7 7476 3.2 6424
(Sired by: Ocean-View Sexation)

2nd Dam:

Gloryland Lana Rae (EX-94 2E)
5-06 365d 29,011 4.0 1159 3.2 937
LIFE: 2113d 129,620 3.7 4768 3.4 4343
(Sired by: Startmore Rudolph)

3rd Dam:

Scientific Liza Rae-ET (EX-90 5yr)
4-09 365d 26,710 2.9 786 3.1 827
(Sired by: Townson Lindy)

4th Dam:

C Hanoverhill Tony Rae (EX-96 3E)
6-11 365d 40,220 4.1 1661 3.1 1255
LIFE: 2247d 166,396 4.1 6904 3.2 5297

5th Dam:

C Hanoverhill TT Roxette-ET (EX-94 2E)
10-00 365d 35,040 4.3 1518 2.8 996
LIFE: 2104d 164,789 4.1 6760 2.9 3365

6th Dam:

Mil-R-Mor Roxette (EX-90 7yr)
LIFE: 2150d 121,417 4.7 5725

7th Dam:

C Glenridge Citation Roxy (EX-97 4E)
LIFE: 3620d 209,784 4.5 9471

8th Dam:

C Norton Court Model Vee (EX-90 13yr)
LIFE: 4183d 218,629 3.9 8581