525HO117 Ja-Bob


(EX-90 5yr)

aAa: 546312 | BC: A2/A2 | KC: AB

DOB: 03/09/15 Reg: 73130038

Pedigree Analysis & Progeny Description

Rex-PP-Red continued his reign as our top selling proven bull in 2021.This homozygous polled, red & white, 5-4-6 coded bull from the Roxy family could be described as bull who sires cookie-cutter consistency in his progeny.

He will not likely go down in history as being the sire of big-time show winners; that’s not how he’s bred. But dairymen in any setup can appreciate cows with snug, shallow udders, super feet & legs, a good sloped rump and central thurl position. Rex does it consistently.

Production-wise, the Rex daughters usually are about average and generally excel in protein yield.

One fault we see in the Rex daughters is a lack of rear rib depth, especially in the 2 year olds. Rex-PP-Red is an excellent mating choice for your tall, dairy, angular cows.

CDCB – PTA 4/22

  • Fat: -.03%
  • Protein: +.07%
  • Calving Ease: 2.5%
  • 160 Dau. Avg. Final Score: 79.6
  • Age Adj. Final Score: 82.2

VG-85 Rex Daughter

Rex Daughter

Rex Daughter

Rex Daughter

VG-87 Rex Daughter

Rex-PP Daughter – now VG-88

Rex-PP Red Dam
Golden-Oaks Dura Rae-P-Red (VG-88)

3rd Dam of Rex-PP
Golden-Oaks Perk Rae-Red (EX-90)

GP-82 Rex-PP Daughter

Rex Daughter (Grade)

Rex Daughter

Rex Daughter Group
1st and 2nd Lactation


Hahncrest Appl Jax-P-Red-ET


Golden-Oaks Dura Rae-P-Red (VG-88 4yr)
2-04 365d 27,350 3.9 1053 3.4 923

2nd Dam:

Golden-Oaks Vce Rael-Red-ET (VG-87 4yr)
LIFE: 1644d 158,100 3.5 5576 3.2 5027

3rd Dam:

Golden-Oaks Perk-Rae-ET (EX-90 5yr)
1-11 365d 31,030 3.7 1161 3.2 983

4th Dam:

Scientific Beauty Rae-ET (EX-90 4yr)
4-03 365d 33,710 4.7 1595 3.5 1179

5th Dam:

Scientific Jubilant Rae-ET (EX-90 6yr)
LIFE: 1394d 117,590 4.0 4707 3.4 4018

6th Dam:

C Hanoverhill Tony Rae (EX-96 3E)
LIFE: 2247d 166,396 4.1 6904 3.2 5297

7th Dam:

C Hanoverhill TT Roxette-ET (EX-94 2E)
LIFE: 2104d 164,789 4.1 6760 2.9 3365

8th Dam:

Mil-R-Mor Roxette (EX-90 7yr)
LIFE: 2150d 121,417 4.7 5725

9th Dam:

C Glenridge Citation Roxy (EX-97 4E)
LIFE: 3620d 209,784 4.5 9471

10th Dam:

C Norton Court Model Vee (EX-90 13yr)
LIFE: 4183d 218,629 3.9 8581