Black Onyx

525HO110 Dun-Did TT Black Onyx (EX-90 EVVV)
aAa: 561432  Beta Casein: A1/A2
DOB: 9/25/13 Reg: 142658451

Pedigree Analysis & Progeny Description

Meet Black Onyx, an outstanding bull with a truly unique pedigree. For the generation of folks who respect Harry Weier’s famous Dun-Did breeding, and remember the greatness of Hanover-Hill Triple Threat, Black Onyx is a specialty indeed. And for today’s breeder who is looking for a bull to bring back the substance and width that results in longevity, Black Onyx might well be your answer.

Black Onyx gets good reviews from dairymen who are milking his daughters. He is consistently stamping out medium-sized cattle with great spring of rib, style and dairyness. Without a doubt, one of his best transmitting traits may be feet & legs. Maybe the most surprising has been how milky they are. Many Black Onyx daughters are out-producing their more modern herd-mates.

CDCB – PTA 12/20

  • Fat: -.25%
  • Protein:-.09%
  • Calving Ease: 2.4%
  • 33 Daughter avg. score: 80.1
  • Age Adj FS: 82.8

2nd Lact. GP-84 Black Onyx Daughter

Black Onyx Udder

Black Onyx Daughters

GP-82 Black Onyx

GP-82 Black Onyx Daughter

Dam of Black Onyx
Dun-Did Titan Aja (EX-93 2E)

2nd Dam of Black Onyx (EX-94 4E)
Dun-Did Senator Aleasha


Hanover-Hill Triple-Threat-Red


Dun-Did Titan Aja-ET (EX-92 5yr)
3-06 365 29,294 4.0f 3.5p

2nd Dam:

Dun-Did Senator Aleasha-ET (EX 94 3E)
9-00 365 30,574 4.0F 3.1p

3rd Dam:

Dun-Did Northcroft Aries (EX-90 7yr)

4th Dam:

Dun-Did B-Stardust Airianna (EX-91 2E)

5th Dam:

Dun-Did Swanky Aireal (EX-90 2E)

6th Dam:

Dun-Did Senator Annalou (EX-91 3E)

7th Dam:

Dun-Did Tempo Annalou (EX-90 2E)

8th Dam:

Dun-Did Fashion Andrea (EX-90 2E)

9th Dam:

Hennigs Annie (EX-90 2E)

Proof data

Black Onyx April 2020 Proof