An exciting genetic experiment!

An exciting genetic experiment!

Check out our latest investment. We purchased this donor cow at last week’s PA Convention sale.

Hazels Sid Harmony (EX-91)
Sid x Quality-Ridge Stormi Hazel (EX-96 2E)

Harmony’s milk records:
2-00 305d 20,300 4.0 810 3.3 666
3-09 305d 27,650 4.7 1294 3.4

Where does the “experiment” part come in?

For years we have discussed among ourselves and imagined what results could be achieved if a cow from a famous high-type show pedigree was mated in a different direction than the norm.

Harmony currently has registered daughters by the following bulls:
Fever (aAa: 234)
Atwood (324)
Doorman (234)
Dundee (243)
Bailey (342)
Crush (243)
Solomon (231)

Our potential service sire list looks like this:
Jonah (aAa: 654)
Black Onyx (561)
Pep-Red (516)
Lynch (156)
Hold Up (156)
Done Right P-Red (516)

Basic observation of structural qualities tells us that this cow excels in stature, depth of chest, openness, angularity, and of course a tremendous high wide rear udder. It also tells us that she lacks body width, spring and depth of rib, and durability of bone. Hence, we are inclined to mate her to bulls that exemplify the qualities that she lacks.

HERE’S WHERE YOU COME IN! Starting very soon, we plan to make female embryos from this cow from the above list of bulls. Join us in this exciting experiment and buy reasonably-priced, aAa-mated embryos from this fancy daughter of the world-renown “Hazel”!

Hazels Sid Harmony (EX-91 4yr)

Quality-Ridge Stormi Hazel (EX-96 2E)