92 Points

92 Points

92 points.

That is the average classification score of the 1st dam of our bulls.

The type of cows found in the pedigrees of our bulls should give confidence in improving the next generation. Remember – Lab results do not determine the value of your cow. If it did, then the cows behind many of our bulls would have been worth no more than a burger at McDonald’s. If your cow milks well, breeds back, and is structurally correct giving her a chance at being a long-lived cow; she pays the bills. These are the kind of cows we love and the ones we have chosen to get our bulls from.

Our bulls do not have flashy numbers that make them easy to market. Our bulls have family. Deep families filled with some of our favorite cows that have proven themselves to transmit greatness. The great minds behind the matings that produced our bulls are some of the best cow men that have proven they have truly mastered the art of breeding!

The cow pictured below, Dun-Did Advent Lulu (EX-94 3E), is one of those kind. She is the dam of 525HO120 Redcloud-Red bred by Harry Weier, a true breeder legend. Her classification breakdown is 98,97,97,90,92! At 8-09 she made a 365d record of 33,439 4.2F 1392 2.9P 956! And she is still on the farm. This cow has earned her greatness. This type of mature proven cow is the type we breed from. Real numbers, real type, no genomics needed.