Our Take on Modern Bull Proofs

Our Take on Modern Bull Proofs

As you may be aware, our catalogs are devoid of the normal linear bar graphs and standardized proof information that you find in many other sire catalogs.

If you are interested in seeing the official “proofs” on our proven sires, we can get that information to you. But we have decided to not print much of it in our catalogs for the following reason:

Generally, bulls with “old genetics” are unfairly portrayed in a proving system that is designed to sell young genetics. Take a young bull like 525HO114 Lynch. His PTA milk is -554 lbs. and his PTA type is only at 1.08…nothing worth speaking of in today’s industry. A look at his dam shows similar results. When you compare this cow’s REAL numbers with her formulated numbers, the gap is ridiculous. She is classified EX-94 2E with a 95 pt mammary; PTA Type and UDC puts her at 1.57 and .97 respectively. She made over 42,000 lb of 5.7% fat on her best record yet the formula wants us to believe that she is -394 lb of milk and minus in butterfat, minus Net Merit, minus Productive Life, and so on…

In the future when Lynch has milking and classified daughters, no matter how good they may be, they still won’t be able to over-ride his low parent-average numbers.

We decided to take a different route by focusing on the REAL numbers. Actual classification scores. Actual milk records. Actual lifespans. Actual profitability.