525HO102 Greenlea Ready-Red (EX-93 5yr)
aAa: 2136 Beta Casein: A1/A2
Reg: 69473802 DOB: 07-07-10
Bred by and aquired from Richard M. Green, Middletown, DE

Progeny Description
This impressive Redliner son from the world-famous Greenlea Rub Marlene (EX-94 3E) continues to prove himself as an all-around consistent sire. Although his 2-1-3-6 aAa code is fairly common, don’t miss out on this bull. We have been very impressed with the consistency in his progeny. Daughters are slower maturing in terms of size but not in production. Many 2yr. old Ready daughters are peaking at over 80 lb. On the type end of things, Ready’s best feature is his ability to improve udders. His oldest daughters are in their 4th lactation and are maintaining their beautiful udders while producing well over 100 lbs. Use Ready-Red on cows with plenty of width and spring of rib.

CDCB – PTA 12/20

  • Fat: -.05%
  • Protein: -.03%
  • Calving Ease: 2.3%
  • 52 daughters classified average score: 79.7
  • Age Adjusted Final Score: 82.4

VG-88 Ready-Red Daughter

Ready-Red Daughter

VG-85 Ready-Red Daughter

Ready-Red Daughter

VG-87 Ready-Red Daughter

Ready-Red Daughters
VG-87, VG-86, GP-84

Ready-Red Dam

Ready-Red Dam


Greenlea Rub Marlene-Red- ET (EX-94 3E)
LIFE: 1704 137,870 3.6 5008 3.2 4354

2nd Dam:

Bar-Lee Marker Mandy-Red-ET (EX-94 3E)
LIFE: 1990 124069 4.0 4977 3.2 3964

3rd Dam:

Bar-Lee MS Marcy-Red-ET (EX-92)

4th Dam:

Filiale Jubilant Mali-Red-ET (EX-91)

Proof data

Ready proof