525HO101 Win-Lys Norman Jesh-ET (EX-94 7yr)
aAa: 642513 Beta Casein: A2/A2
Reg: 140098785 DOB: 05-27-09


Progeny Description
This home-bred 94 pt. Stormin Norman son is literally the bull behind the business. His dam, a young Durham daughter died after her second calving. Behind her there are little or no production records or classification scores. All the same, Jesh is a result of five generations of aAa breeding, and the Norman x Durham mating is very complimentary. Lowell and Jared began to market semen locally on Jesh in the summer of 2010, and now nearly 8 years later, he has exceeded expectations. Jesh’s most reliable trait is his ability to centralize the thurl and straighten a crooked leg. He is a “6” (style) bull like his sire, only with a bit more refinement in the rump and hocks generally. Jesh daughters don’t slack on milk production and exhibit a beautiful blend of strength and dairy character. And to those who are interested, Jesh carries the A2/A2 beta casein gene. Use Jesh on high butterfat cows with plenty of openness and width in the front end.

CDCB – PTA 4/20

  • Fat: -.09%
  • Protein: -.06%
  • Calving Ease: 8.9%
  • 41 daughters classified average score: 80.6

Jesh Daughter

VG-85 Jesh Daughter

Jesh Daughter

Jesh Daughter Group

VG-88 Jesh Daughter

EX-91 4yr Jesh Daughter

Singing-Valley Jesh Daughters (Grade)

Singing-Valley Jesh Daughters (Grade)


Highland-H Stormin Norman (EX-94)


Spg-Valley Durham Quaker (VG-86 2yr.) 2-01 305 20,050 3.5 70 3.0 594

Proof data

Jesh proof