Raimund *RC

525HO71 Ridgedale Raimund *RC (EX-94 6yr)
aAa: 324156  Beta Casein: A1/A2
DOB: 10/15/2011 Reg: 141623827

  • Proven Results!
  • High components
  • Beautiful udders
  • 8 generations of EX back to Roxy

Progeny Description
We are very pleased to bring this proven bull a new platform. Ridgedale Raimund, previously marketed by Taurus Services, has found a new home at Triple-Hil Sires. Raimund is sired by Willsboro Larson, a Mr. Burns son from the Lila Z family, who has proven himself as an all-around good sire. On the maternal side of Raimund’s star-studded cow family is the acclaimed EX-96 4E Ridgedale Raichu. This incredible Talent daughter is backed by Pete Heffering’s famous Hanover-Hill breeding and is anchored by none other than the Queen of Breed “Roxy”.
Recently receiving a proof, this impressive Larson son is walking in the footsteps of his Matriarchs. Raimund daughters are described as being fancy, high front-ended, sharp-shouldered, and wide rumped. He can also add set to the leg. At Triple-Hil Sires, our philosophy has always been that a bull will likely breed the average of his pedigree. The more great ones you put in, the higher chance of producing a great one. Raimund personifies this philosophy in a very clear fashion. Use this bull with confidence.

Dec. 2019 Proof

  • Fat: +.09%
  • Protein: +.05%
  • Calving Ease: 10.7
  • 36 daughters avg. score: 82.0

VG-88 Raimund Daughter

VG-87 Raimund Daughter

VG-86 Raimund Daughter

Dam of Raimund
Ridgedale-T Raichu-Red (EX96 4E)

Dam of Raimund
Ridgedale-T Raichu-Red (EX-96 4E)


Willsboro Larson


Ridgedale-T Raichu-Red (EX-96 4E)
10-08 365d 34,920 3.2 1127 3.0 1039
LFTD: 2599d 171,400 3.9 6727 3.1 5337

2nd Dam:

Ridgedale-T Rehema-Red-ET (EX-93 2E)
6-02 365d 26,100 4.1 1065 2.9 750

3rd Dam:

Hanover-Hill-R MI Rochelle (EX-93 7yr)
5-10 365d 24,980 4.6 1154 3.4 840

4th Dam:

Hanover-Hill-R Rhonda-TW (EX-94 4E)
6-02 365d 38,820 4.0 1562 2.9 1141
LIFE: 2823d 196,650 4.3 8448 3.2 6215

5th Dam:

C Hanover-Hill Star Roxy-ET (EX-92 2E)
4-05 365d 31,780 4.4 1394 3.1 994

6th Dam:

Mil-R-Mor Roxette (EX-90 7yr)
7-01 365d 24,530 4.7 1153
LIFE: 2150d 121,417 4.7 5725

7th Dam:

C Glenridge Citation Roxy (EX-97 4E)
10-01 365d 25,280 4.2 1061
LIFE: 3620d 209,784 4.5 9471

8th Dam:

C Norton Court Model Vee (EX-90 13yr)
6-06 365d 22,483 3.9 875
LIFE: 4183d 218,629 3.9 8581

Proof data

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