525HO125 Hy-Hill Golden D Wonderboy
aAa: 435612  Beta Casein: A1/A2
DOB: 01/29/2016 Reg: 840003135506553

  • Golden-Dreams x Outside x Astre x Leadman
  • Hails from the tremendous Nu-Wing Wimpy family
  • Dam lived to be 12 years old with over 200,000 lb
  • First 5 dams produced over 1.1 cumulative lbs of milk
  • Longevity is in his veins
  • A very balanced bull

Pedigree Analysis

We have always had a cautious approach in utilizing Goldwyn bloodlines in our sire selection. Goldwyn was an extreme sire and will be forever sealed in the show-type hall of fame as the bull that could sire dazzling cattle with incredibly high rear udders and a general angularity and openness that is coveted in the show-rings today. Breeding this kind of cow is not necessarily the goal at Triple-Hil Sires. But we believe Goldwyn sons like Golden Dreams, who has thousands of daughters milking with solid results, can bring something to the table when used on the right cow.

Wonderboy’s maternal side is filled with the kind of cattle that are every dairyman’s dream. His dam, a 12 yr old EX-91 Outside daughter just died, finishing a lifetime of over 200,000 lb. His first 5 dams produced a cumulative 1.1 million lbs of milk, with an individual average of over 220,000 lb. The Nu-Wing cattle in Wisconsin were renown for their longevity, incredible depth of rib and capacity, as well as solid transmitting ability.

Wonderboy seems to combine the top and bottom side of his pedigree in a very balanced fashion. He displays a strong front end, a wide muzzle, and open nostrils, while at the same time exhibiting a long dairy neck. The rear end of this bull is nearly perfect with a very balanced rump structure, functional legs and rounded foot.

CDCB – PA 8/20

  • Calving Ease: 3.2%

2nd Dam of Wonderboy:
Nu-Wing Astre Avis-W (EX-94 3E)

4th Dam of Wonderboy:
Nu-Wing E K Wilma (EX-95 5E)

5th Dam of Wonderboy:
Nu-Wing Commander Wimpy (EX-93 3E)



Heavenly Golden Dreams


Long-Brook Outsid Anna W-ET (EX-91 10yr)
4-06 365d 35,590 4.0 1420 2.8 1000
LFTD: 2873d 209,670 3.9 8258 2.9 6045

2nd Dam:

Nu-Wing Astre Avis-W (EX-94 3E)
4-10 365d 34,320 3.1 1057 3.1 1055
LIFE: 2408d 184,310 3.5 6454 3.1 5688

3rd Dam:

Nu-Wing Leadman Willnot (VG-86 6yr)
9-01 346d 25,330 3.6 919 3.1 785
LIFE: 2713d 179,300 3.8 6896 3.2 5693

4th Dam:

Nu-Wing E K Wilma (EX-95 5E)
11-04 365d 30,717 4.2 1293 3.0 911
LIFE: 4885d 300,634 4.4 13,227 3.1 9313

5th Dam:

Nu-Wing Commander Wimpy (EX-93 3E)
13-03 365d 33,166 4.1 1349 2.9 964
LIFE: 4275d 267,177 4.2 11,309 3.0 6752

6th Dam:

Nu-Wing Hattie Maple Wanda (VG-86 5yr)
4-01 305d 15,530 4.1639

7th Dam:

Doris Veeman Ivanhoe (VG-86 5yr)
5-06 305d 16,290 4.5 736