525HO122 Mt-Glen Jonah Forrest (EX-90 EEVE)
aAa: 261435  Beta Casein: A2/A2
DOB: 09/25/2016 Reg: 840003136953026

  • An exciting young Jonah son!
  • Combines the best of Mt-Glen breeding on top and bottom
  • Major outcross: no Goldwyn, Shottle, Durham, Storm, Planet, or O-man
  • Dam is 11 years old and passed 200,000 lb.
  • Sought-after aAa: 2-6-1
  • Beta Casein: A2/A2
  • High butterfat: dam has record over 6%

Pedigree Analysis
For those who have visited or known the Jackson family and their herd of exceptional Holstein cattle, this bull will perk your interest. Forrest is sired by Mt-Glen Adolph Jonah (EX-93), a 6-5-4 coded bull who is making waves as daughters calve in across the country.

Forrest’s dam, an 11 year old cow, again sired by one of the Jackson’s own bulls (Mt-glen Rubens Levi) typifies what makes Mt-Glen breeding so special: Built like a tank, with tremendous width, rib and capacity, combined with a beautiful dairy character, and a will to make well over 30,000 lbs in a lactation. This cow, Mt-Glen Levi Fran (EX-94 3E) just passed 200,000 lb lifetime and has records up to 6% butterfat. Next dams: EX-91 2E Encore x EX-91 Leadman. Then 3 more generations of VG.

Forrest is special, not only because he’s A2A2 and carries a rare aAa code (2-6-1), but also since his bloodlines are free of many household names sires that tend to crop up in today’s pedigrees. You will find no Durham, Goldwyn, Shottle, Storm, Oman, or Planet. A true outcross.
We are excited about the future of this young bull!

CDCB – PA 8/20

  • Calving Ease: 3.5%

Five Consecutive Generations! Left to Right: Mt-Glen Levi Fran EX-94 3E), Mt-Glen Acme Flo (EX-94 2E), Mt-Glen Levi Fern (VG-85), Mt-Glen Jonah Finesse, Mt-Glen Jose Finale

Dam of Forrest:
Mt-Glen Levi Fran (EX-94 3E)


Mt-Glen Adolph Jonah (EX-93)


Mt-Glen Levi Fran (EX-94 3E)
8-11 365d 35,660 4.2 1505 3.2 1145
LIFE: 2112d 182,770 5.2 9451 3.3 5956

2nd Dam:

Mt-Glen Encore Helena (EX-91 2E)
2-06 365d 30,180 4.5 1346 3. 907
LIFE: 1378d 106,020 4.4 4679 3.1 3237

3rd Dam:

Mt-Glen Leadman Hopper (EX-91 7yr)
4-02 349d 34,250 3.6 1223 2.9 1005
LIFE: 1699d 154,270 3.8 5872 3.0 4701

4th Dam:

Mt-Glen W C Mark Huntress (VG-85 4yr)
2-11 365d 39,850 3.1 1231 2.7 1087

5th Dam:

Mt-Glen Elevation Haleeka-ET (VG-85 5yr)
10-08 365d 37,540 3.3 1257 2.7 7235
LIFE: 264,140 3.2 8453 2.7 7235

6th Dam:

PFB-BET-AL Hilltop Ivanhoe (VG-88 12yr)
10-10 305d 28,060 3.4 948
LIFE: 2767d 210,570 3.6 7618