Embryos for Sale

Focusing on Balance

The genetics offered in these embryos are bred with a focus on longevity and a balanced mating. The pedigrees behind these embryos are hard to improve on with the likes of Tri-Day Ashlyn and Harvue Roy Frosty, but they are different than much of what is available from these type of bloodlines. The sires we chose to use were chosen carefully using aAa mating to make a corrective mating on the dam. The results of such matings should result in a balanced, functional, and profitable cow. With the transmitting power of these cow families combined with a carefully chosen aAa mating you can buy with confidence! Call us! 1-855-955-2100

Gorwood-D Seaver Cricket (GP-84 @ 2-09)

This is a direct descendant of Roberta. We hope to continue the legacy of Gorwood breeding with this beautiful young cow! She is the 10th generation of Gorwood breeding and should be the 13th generation of VG or EX cows! Imagine combining all that transmitting power with 525HO104 Hotrod who has been stamping out some beautiful daughters!

Seaver x Gorwood-D Empower Crissy (EX-92) x Gorwood-D Mtalent Crisco (EX-94 2E) x EX-92 3E x VG-86 x EX-90 2E x EX93 2E x EX-94 4E x EX-92 2E x VG-88 x Kasgar Roberta Rockman (EX-94 3E) x VG-87 x VG-88

Female Direct Transfer embryos for sale (available for export):

  • 525HO104 Craig-Kro Damion Hotrod Semen no longer available on this bull. He is making them great. Don’t miss out on one of the last chances for some of his offspring combined with the great Gorwood breeding!
    • 1 #1 Direct Transfer Female $350
    • 2  #2 Direct Transfer Female $250

Sister to Cricket!

  • Destry sister EX-91 @4-05 was sold as Lot 1 for $4200 at the Girls of Gorwood-D Complete Dispersal

St Jacobs Perseus Ashlyn RC (VG-88 4yr)

Rainyridge Perseus x Tri-Day Ashlyn (EX-96 2E)

Female Direct Transfer embryos for sale:

  • 200HO4144 Comestar Stormatic
    • 1 #1 Direct Transfer Female $350
    • 4 #2 Direct Transfer Female $250

Sisters to the embyros!

  • VG-88 3yr old daughter by Canyon-Breeze Ambush
  • EX-90 3yr old daughter by Mr Apples Armani
    • 3 #1 Direct Transfer Female $350
      • Sired by: Dun-Did Storm Cloud V (EX-97) Reg# 129890104. Bred and owned by Harry Weier, Deerfield, WI.

Duckett-Sa A Fritzi (EX-90)

This beautiful cow passed away shortly after calving, but we are thankful for the opportunity to work with a direct daughter of Frosty! WE ONLY HAVE ONE EMBRYO LEFT!

Alexander x Harvue Roy Frosty (EX-97 3E)

Female Direct Transfer embryos for sale:

  • 91HO5770 Mt-Glen Adolph Jonah
    • 1 #2 Direct Transfer Female $ 300

The Frosty family transmits!

  • Fritzi has 3 EX-94 sisters!
  • Fritzi’s first Goldchip daughter is VG-86 @2yrs!