54HO810 Hold Up

54HO810 Welsh-Edge Goldchip Hold Up (VG-88 3yr)
aAa: 156342  Beta Casein: A1/A1
DOB: 10/20/13  Reg: 143226259

  • A 1-5-6 Goldchip son!
  • From the famous Welsh-Edge Gingerheart family!
  • Incredible feet & legs

Pedigree Analysis
As a 1-5-6 Goldchip son, Hold Up is a rare offering indeed. This stylish handsome bull, hails from a tremendous Holstein herd in western Wisconsin. We have visited the Petersheim family and their Welsh-Edge herd multiple times and have been very impressed with the genetics they have developed.
Hold Up’s grand-dam, a Durham named Gingerheart, is the cornerstone to most of the cows in the barn. And rightly so; Gingerheart made an incredible lifetime record and produced 13 EX and 9 VG daughters to date, with many more high-scoring descendants beyond that.
This bull sports a set of feet that should be the envy of dairy cattle everywhere. Hold Up offers a modern width and style that is badly needed today along with longevity and high milk production.


Dec. 2018 Proof
• Calving Ease: 6.8%


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Hold Up

54HO810 Welsh-Edge Goldchip Hold Up (VG-88 3yr)


Hold Up’s Dam:

2nd Dam

The following cows are all member of Hold Up’s maternal line


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Additional information


Mr Chassity Gold Chip (EX-94 6yr)


Welsh-Edge Norman Harmony-ET (EX-91 5yr)
4-06 305d 27,840 3.3 918 3.0 836

2nd Dam:

Welsh-Edge Gingerheart-ET (EX-92 4E)
9-03 363d 30,630 3.4 1030 3.0 926
LIFE: 3466d 235,850 3.5 8227 3.2 7518

3rd Dam:

Welsh-Edge Leadman Ginger (EX-90 4E)
4-04 305d 33,495 3.7 1224 2.9 794
LIFE: 4539d 316,408 3.7 11,657 3.0 9462