An exciting genetic experiment!

Check out our latest investment. We purchased this donor cow at last week’s PA Convention sale. Hazels Sid Harmony (EX-91) Sid x Quality-Ridge Stormi Hazel (EX-96 2E) Harmony’s milk records: 2-00 305d 20,300 4.0 810 3.3 666 3-09 305d 27,650 4.7 1294 3.4 Where does the “experiment” part come in? For years we have discussed […]

Old Genetics?

According to the geneticists, a bull who’s sire, paternal grand-sire, and maternal grand-sire are all 20-30 years old should never produce off-spring that can compete on a modern level in confirmation and production. Bulls like 91HO5770 Jonah prove otherwise. At Triple-Hil Sires, we don’t put much stock in escalating numbers or the age of genetics […]